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Oct 28, 2012 9:30am EDT
. you for joining us. we a are gearing up for the comg election. ballot with implicatio for economy and our personal portfolio. reaeason it became a househehold name. he was right when he said t thee is one issue ended as the stupid. these elections have party had on our regional economy. the economies are spending heavily here. big money over gambling in washington, d.c. is the univee forr hired to help man the force for what has become e most expensive campaign cycle. here to assess the outcome for meanace and what it could wlet,he man who is see d during the mpaign bruce, the host of the micichael from also l.e washingt business journa thahank you to you a. i have been threatening to take to be on the ow. thank you for joining u you have been looking at thesee start w with want to interviewou did withh the chaian of mgm grand. alked to you about what he for the casino if it is to be built.. a listen to what he had to say. >> we would like to build an resort wou fine dining, restaurants, a great retell, spas, hotel roomsthat to maryland.people it is a different proposition than w
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1